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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Kids' Club Eligible. Wonderful bedtime stories. Ethel Frances aka "Ms. Dog" is inquisitive.

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She tries to learn a new life lesson every day. Ethel Frances is a terrific role model for children. Wise beyond her dog years, her dog talking insights inspire kids and parents alike. She loves "most" people, ice cream, and sticks of all sizes. Ethel Frances is especially proud of her volunteer work, education, and Canine Good Citizen certificate. She also adores her two dog sisters, Lulu and Izzy. Life Lessons : But Ethel Frances is no pushover. She has strong feelings and opinions: on puppy adoption, puppy names, puppy school, bullying, sibling rivalry, dog walking, people who dislike dogs, mean dogs, sharing and caring, and more.

Bedtime Stories: Ethel Frances can also be naughty, driving mommy Marcia to the brink, but it's all part of the great joy of a dog's life. This children's dog book is a must-have for kids, their parents, and dog lovers everywhere. Ethel Frances brings love to all who meet her in person or through her book.

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Ethel Frances began writing two years ago. Her inspiration comes from real life experiences: life at home; encounters while taking walks; and from her volunteer work. She does most of her writing when her house is quiet, early in the morning or late at night. Mommy Marcia helps her by doing all of the typing.

Marcia Miller is a Sign Language Interpreter.

She worked as an assistant teacher in preschool and elementary school and has served with numerous nonprofit organizations. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Ministers are strong and weak, faithful and faithless, as are the members of their congregations. The miracle of the church is not in our faithfulness but in God's faithfulness. Shimon Samuels of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Paris said he understood the German-born pope's desire for Christian unity, but said Benedict could have excluded Williamson.

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He warned that his rehabilitation will have a "political cost" for the Vatican. He also seems to be prone to moments when he forgets about being very careful and selective. The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said Williamson's views were "absolutely indefensible. These views may not have anything to do with the excommunication, but they have a lot to do with the views of Marcel LeFebvre the founder of the SSPX.

Williamson's comments cast a cloud over the pope's efforts to normalize relations with the Swiss-based Society of St. Pius X, which Lefebvre founded in Lefebvre was opposed to the liberalizing reforms of the Second Vatican Council, particularly its ecumenical outreach and its decision to allow Mass to be celebrated in local languages instead of Latin.

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Despite concerns from liberal Catholics, Benedict has made clear from the start of his pontificate that he wanted to reintegrate the group back into the Vatican's fold, meeting within months of his election with the current head of the society, Bishop Bernard Fellay. In , Benedict answered one of Fellay's key demands by relaxing restrictions on celebrating the Latin Mass. In lifting the excommunication decree, he answered the society's second condition for beginning theological discussions about normalizing relations.

This is classic tail wagging the dog.

Benedict answering to Fellay? It's supposed to be the other way around. The decree from the Vatican's Congregation for Bishops said Benedict "remits" the automatic excommunication that the four bishops incurred and said the decree declaring their consecrations a schismatic act had no legal standing any longer.

In a statement Saturday, Fellay, who is one of the rehabilitated bishops, expressed his gratitude to Benedict and said the decree would help the whole Roman Catholic Church. Fellay, meanwhile, has distanced the society from Williamson's remarks about the Holocaust, saying Williamson only had authority to discuss matters of faith and that he was personally responsible for his own opinions.

But Fellay also berated Swedish state television, accusing it in a Jan. Another classic case of a traditionalist unable to let go of the victim mentality. Nobody put a gun to Williamson's head forcing him to wax deceitful about the Holocaust. He did that all on his onesie. While Williamson's comments may be offensive and erroneous, they are not an excommunicable offense, said Monsignor Robert Wister, professor of church history at Immaculate Conception School of Theology at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Sad to say, but he fits right in with too many of the rest of our hierarchy.

The Society of St.

Trained for 2 Years, Retriever Helps Mr. Montalvan Get Back on His Feet

Pius X, which is based in Menzingen, Switzerland, has six seminaries, three universities and 70 primary and secondary schools around the globe. Aside from the four bishops, it boasts priests and seminarians. The status of the society's priests remains unsettled. While their ordinations are valid, the Church considers them "illicit" because they were ordained by someone who didn't have the authority, Lombardi said. Pope Paul VI suspended Lefebvre from priestly duties in , but he continued ordaining priests illicitly. This should make Mel Gibson happy. He with his own chapel, SSPX priest, and tendency to mouth anti semitic tirades when drunk.

Bishop Williamson doesn't even need to be drunk to come up with some real gems.

Specific tail wags provide information about the emotional state of dogs.

Here's a few which are worth pondering? Would she not divorce him and grab his children to be her toys? All the elements of pornography are there You may say what you like about him as a criminal terrorist, and much of it is true But he still has a remotely Catholic sense of how technology brutalises man.

How Catholic are those technophiles who wallow at ease in their computers?

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Give me the Unabomber's seriousness over their shallowness, any day of the week. Since the Vatican has never commented on these associations, it's not surprising they blow off Bishop Williamson. He's only expressing his 'personal' opinion.

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His rejections were in three principle areas: inter religious dialogue, collegiality, and religious liberty. He equated them with the French revolution's notions of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Lefebvre truly believed Vatican II was the work of Jewish and protestant liberal conspirators whose aim was to destroy the Catholic church. The Latin Mass became the symbol for what was in reality a revolt against the ecumenism and collegiality espoused by Vatican II.